Call to Arms release

30 lipca 2015|0 Comments

It is done! Call to Arms hits Steam Early Access today around 6.00 PM GMT. It means that Call to Arms is closer to full release, and next few months will be very interesting.

  • We are back and ready to fight!

We are back and ready to fight!

25 lipca 2015|0 Comments

For last few months our website was in bad shape but it’s back! Except some problems with servers etc. I also didn’t have enough time to work on Call to Arms Center. But right now as release of Call to Arms is close, it’s time to come back to hard work.

  • GRM's BTR-80

Release date announced!

25 lipca 2015|0 Comments

Digitalminds Call to Arms developer announced today the release dates and development plans. Game will available in Steam Early Access on 30th of July, and full release is planned for the first quarter of 2016. Below you can find full announcement.

  • US soldiers with flashlight

Developers update 5

9 lipca 2015|0 Comments

Today we got 5th developers update with few information about last changes in alpha and DX11 support.

  • Almost like battleship :)

Developers update 4

25 czerwca 2015|0 Comments

Today we got another, 4th developers update. Finally we got some general information about release plans for backers. Keys should be send in next 2 weeks! We also got few detailes about gamemodes and Deluxe Edition of game.

  • This looks perfect!

Developers update 3

11 czerwca 2015|0 Comments

Today we got 3rd developers update. This time we got some information about changes in visual effects and, what is the most important, few details about upcoming release!